What are the Benefits of Antler Chews for Dogs?


If you own a dog, you may already know how difficult it can be to find a good chew toy for them to gnaw on. Without a good chew, dogs can get restless and start wreaking havoc on everything they can get their teeth into. However, antler chews are a great alternative to regular chew toys and have tons of benefits that many dog owners might not be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of antler chews for dogs.


One of the biggest benefits of antler chews is how durable they are. Even if you have a particularly aggressive dog, a good antler chew will last you for years. This will allow you to save on chew toys by not having to constantly replace them all the time.


Another advantage of antlers for dogs is the bone marrow they contain. Antlers are more than just another chew toy, but an actual source of nutrients. Bone marrow contains essential nutrients and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and potassium which contribute to good nerve function and healthy bones. Antler chews are also rich in collagen and glucosamine, which are great for bone and joint health.

In addition to providing nutrition, antlers are also great for keeping your dog’s teeth clean. Antler chews can take off years of tartar and plaque buildup and will prevent your dog from getting cavities. They’re also completely free of allergens and virtually odor free.


Dogs can easily get bored with their chew toys and antlers can be a great option since they vary in size, color, and thickness. No two antlers are the same and your dog will appreciate the variety. You could even buy multiple antlers at once so that you can keep your dog interested.


Antlers are much safer than other options for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re less likely to chip or splinter when being chewed on which is often the case with processed bones. Instead of breaking and splintering, the chewing action will slowly grind the antler down to its core.

When picking an antler for your dog, make sure that you check the cut end of it. You’ll be able to see a white calcium ring around the bone marrow. If your dog happens to be particularly aggressive, then pick an antler with a thicker calcium ring. However, if you happen to have a dog who’s not as aggressive or is older, then you can go for a thinner ring.

Completely Natural

Most antlers come from completely renewable and natural sources. In the case of elk or deer antlers, there is no hunting involved. Elks will shed their antlers once a year once they reach maturity. The antlers are then collected and cut and will usually go through a power washing process to make sure that they are completely free of harmful bacteria.

All in all, antler chews are one of the best options you can pick for your dog. They’re completely natural, safe, and will outlast any type of chew you can find.