Seresto Tick And Flea Collar; Is This The Best Solution?


Flea treatments can be a necessary fraction of the health-care regime of the dogs because such pests reason such uneasiness and are so frequent. There are many different lapels and solutions available that assert to be the final approach, but the Seresto tick and flea collar seem to be pushing the limits in terms of its features, targets, and lifespan. This analysis will take a closer glance at the reason of this lapel before weighing up the different pros and cons from user-based reviews of Seresto flea and tick collars.

What Is The Seresto Tick And Flea Collar And What Is Its Purpose?

Simply saying, it is a flea lapel that aspires to offer longer lasting relief against both ticks and fleas. There is also the potential to fend off other pests like mange, but the center tends to be on the dog ticks and fleas. This flea and tick solution is intended to stop re-infestations in addition to eradicating the animals previously in the coat. At its best, this lapel must last for eight months and offer a simple, safe alternative to short-lived, messier treatment options.

What Is The Most Significant Thing You Should Know About It?

Seresto is a helpful alternative to topical tick and flea control. It is a ground-breaking new tick and flea collar that releases constant active elements for eight months, ensuring the dog is protected against unsafe conditions that ticks and fleas can transmit. Seresto exterminates existing fleas on pets in twenty-four hours, and re-infesting fleas within two hours with defense against further plagues lasting eight months. Ticks already on the dog before treatment might not be killed right away and might remain attached and visible. The deterrence of infestations with new ticks begins within forty-eight hours after application of the lapel. Seresto exterminates lice on pets for a month and helps in the control and treatment of sarcoptic mange.

How Should You Apply Seresto?

For large dogs eighteen lbs and over, for small ones up to eighteen lbs, and for cats of all weights: Take out the lapel from the laminated and tin bag and put it around the dog’s neck. Push one end of the lapel through the loop and regulate for the right fit. Cautiously snip off the excess lapel using scissors.


  • The lapel is highly suggested by vets and a lot of other dog owners Seresto tick and flea collar reviews.
  • It also has the work to last for up to six to eight months, which can save you cash.
  • The collar is a suitable alternative to topical flea and tick treatments.
  • It has some easy to use features like the simple application and lack of smell.
  • The collar has a rapid release mechanism in emergencies or case.


  • The collar can break open a bit too simply, which directs to security problems.
  • The collar can take a bit time before the outcome is clear.
  • It becomes less helpful if it is sunken in water too frequently.
  • The collar can reason unpleasant reactions in a few pets.