Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Food for Your Fish


Have you recently purchased some new fish your aquarium? Or, maybe you’re thinking about getting some fish. Either way, it’s important to give your fish the right food so they can live long and healthy lives. After all, a goldfish is going to have different dietary needs than an angelfish. With so many choices, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what food to feed your fish. Check out five questions that can help you determine the best food for the fish in your aquarium.

How Much Does Your Fish Eat?

First, you have to do some research to find out how much food your fish needs to survive. Not surprisingly, a clown fish is going to eat more than a neon tetra. It’s important to know how much food to give your fish as well as how often to feed them. Oftentimes, the label on the fish food container is helpful in answering these questions.

Do You Have a Saltwater or Freshwater Fish?

A saltwater fish needs a little bit more care than a freshwater fish. A saltwater fish needs water maintains a particular temperature in order to stay healthy. Saltwater fish have different dietary needs than freshwater fish, too. You can sprinkle a few flakes into a goldfish tank to satisfy your goldfish. But, if you have a saltwater fish you have to determine if it would like meaty foods or foods with elements of vegetables. As an example, if you have a Powder Blue Tang in your aquarium it will enjoy herbivore pellets and blanched leaf lettuce. Alternatively, if you have a Black Volitan Lionfish, it will need meaty foods such as live shrimp and frozen fish meat. Doing your research will help you give your fish the appropriate types of food.

Does Your Fish Have A lot of Colors?

Many fish foods have ingredients that can enhance the colors of your fish. So, if you have an Undulated Trigger fish, you may want to look for fish food with ingredients that highlight its brilliant blue and yellow scales.

How Many Fish Do You Have in the Aquarium?

This is an especially important question to think about. You want to put enough food in your fish tank to nourish all of your fish. Sometimes aggressive fish try to take all of the food at once leaving passive fish with very little or none. So, measuring out the right amount of food for the total number of fish in your tank is very helpful. When you buy fish food online you can check the instructions on the food container to see how much you need to put in your tank.

What Size Food Does Your Fish Require?

Some fish have bigger mouths and can handle large pellets and frozen types of fish food. Other fish need to be given tiny bits of food they can swallow and digest. This is another reason why it’s so important to read the label of any fish food before you select it.

Lastly, if you take the time to choose the best fish food with the highest quality, then your fish is more likely to be with you for years to come.