Travel with Your Pet in Style

Pet Care

Cats and dogs are wonderful pets owners love to take on short hikes, to the park, longer hikes while camping and on airline trips

Pet owners know how important sharing all aspects of their lives with their pets really is. They also want maximum safety for travelling pets. 

The answer is a state-of-the-art pet carrier backpack. These combine safety and comfort in a pet carrier that weighs only 2.4 pounds and has plenty of ventilation for optimal pet comfort. 

Take Your Pet Along 

The most convenient feature of a backpack pet carrier is that it is strong and waterproof and for sleepy pets, has a removable fleece travel bed. 

This assures pet owners they can take their pet along to a shopping mall or to a local park without worrying about pet discomfort. 

Premium Pet Products for Traveling Pets 

When it’s time to shop for a backpack pet carrier, choose Mr. Peanut’s Premium Products for an airline approved pet carrier that can be stored under the seat in front of you. Mr. Peanut’s Premium pet carrier backpack is airline approved. There’s no worry about pets stored in the plane’s baggage compartment. 

Check with your airline for their guidelines for pets. In most cases, so long as pets remain in the carrier under the seat, there is usually no problem. 

Features of a State-of-the-Art Backpack Pet Carrier 

Mr. Peanut’s Premium Products designers made their backpack pet carriers with several luxury features. These include: 

. A convenient storage compartment for meds or pet treats 

. Padded shoulder straps for owner’s comfort 

. Thick, durable fabric for the exterior 

. Plush faux fleece padding for the interior 

. Rounded tote contour for more accurate carrier to pet sizing 

. Name tag 

. Folds to less than 3″ for storage 

. Additional handle for extra convenience 

Treat Your Pet and Yourself to a Backpack Pet Carrier 

If you love to take your pet along, your pet deserves the luxury of a Mr. Peanut Premium Products back pack pet carrier. Owners deserves a lightweight, handy pet carrier in a back pack style so they can keep their hands free. 

Note that these pet carriers are intended for small pets and fits pets approximately 14″ in length and 9″ in height that are up to 10 pounds. Another important issue to know is that these carriers are intended for pets lying down rather than standing erect. 

Living the Active Lifestyle with Your Pet 

Today’s pet owners are busy, active people. Pets want to be part of these activities. A back pack pet carrier is an ideal way to ensure pets are part of owners’ daily routines. 

Surprise your pet with a back pack pet carrier designed by Mr. Peanut Premium Products..