Obesity in Pets

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Why are So Many Pets Overweight?

Pets can become overly fat, just like humans, the only difference is that it’s not talked as much, and fat pets (unlike people) are considered cute. Not only that but some pet owners tend to show their love for their furry friend by excessive feeding, and this is so wrong. I, as a pet owner myself would never do this. You have to resist those puppy eyes and cute meows.  And not to mention that healthy, fit pets live longer happier lives.

Why are So Many Pets Overweight

Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Obesity in pets is usually the result of excessive feeding and lack of exercise. To keep your pet healthy weight you have to feed them in moderation and provide physical activity. So instead of providing your cat or dog with food all the time, try feeding them two to three meals a day and also include at least one walk a day. And like I already mentioned some people associate food with love, giving their pets more treats, leftovers from dinner or lunch, but if you truly love your furry buddy you will not go overboard with food. As an alternative you can provide him with extra playtime, you can take him to a new place for a walk, or just include more walks. Your pet and his body will appreciate this more than extra food. And not to mention you’ll have more time with your beloved pet.

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Obesity Shortens Lives

There are many consequences of pet obesity and they are:

  • Hearth diseases
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple types of Cancer

Can you just imagine that you could have prevented this if you just haven’t fed your pet with too much food and provided them with enough exercise? Obese pets tend to live shorter then fit pets, 2.5 years shorter to be exact.

Top Tips for Fighting this Disease

  1. Good Quality Food

If you continue feeding your pet the same type of food  it’s going to be an uphill battle, because low quality food contains more sugar and other substances that make your pet fat.

  1. Feed Less

It is simple as that, decrease the amount of food you’re feeding your pet. However I would ask a vet how much food I should feed him. Obesity is a disease and should be treated as such, so consulting with a vet about it is crucial for your pet’s health.

  1. Treats in Moderation

Treats make our pets feel happy, and we are happy when they are happy. But if your canine or feline is more on the chubby side, you have to not only feed them in moderation but also pick healthy snacks, nothing with too much fat. I would pick a low calorie vegetable, like a broccoli or a carrot. This way you kill two birds with one stone. Your pet gets his treat and a vitamin and mineral boost as well.

  1. Exercise

Daily exercise is a must, if you have a dog take him to a walk in the woods or visit your local park. In case you have a kitty, you can keep plenty of toys around the house so she can chase them.

Final Verdict

Show a love for your pet by taking good care of him, not by feeding him so much food and treats that he becomes obese. If this however happens, contact your vet to get a proper diet and follow the tips mentioned above. We want the world full of healthy fit pets and not fat and unhealthy ones.