Advantages & Applications an automatic pet feeder

Pet Care

The automatic pet feeder offers a number of advantages over the feeding of the animal in the presence of a human being.

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First, the feeder is used when the owner of the animal is not at home at the time of feeding, but the animal can stay alone for a while. Dogs and cats develop a feeding rhythm over time and get hungry just like humans if they are not fed properly . So before they have to wait too long for their next meal, the pet feeder will do it and their keeper will not have to come home earlier than planned just because of the feeding. In animals that do not mind being alone, the feeder can even take care of feeding for several days at a time. This is the case, for example, in rodents, in the terrarium and in the aquarium. This is the supply of the animalsduring a short vacation , as long as you have enough water during this time.

Feeders are also popular when owners disgust the food of their animals. Some people love their reptile or their fish, but they do not want to have anything to do with the mealworms or plankton their pets eat. Feeders for terrariums and aquariums can be filled with live food without having to touch it. Gloves provide the best possible protection during filling . This makes it easy to keep such an animal even if you have difficulty feeding.

In the case of terrestrial animals, this is rarely such a big problem that a feeder would really be necessary. There are of course always exceptions, such as when the puppies of a bitch or the kittens of a cat are about to eat solid food. The quantities which then have to be available for replenishment are not insignificant. Rather, there are fish, amphibian and reptile species that are permanently foraging and health problems can develop if they then get nothing. Their owners are faced with the decision either to be very much at home, to be able to constantly look for the food – or else they provide the animals with a feed machine and put the animals in this waySafe care of their pets.

Feeders are also practical for larger animals that are in the pasture or in the stable all day long. Since it is not always possible to bring their food in time, they can get it from a feed machine . Especially when the pasture is a little further away, the pet owner can save a long way to his animals through a feed machine. Especially if the animals can stay out at night during the warm months of the year, it would make no sense to bring them back to the barn for feeding. Even then, the feeder is used and ultimately saves the animals a lot of stress, It only has to be refilled when it is empty, but in the meantime it is just as programmable as an animal feeder for a domestic animal.

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