Favorite Products To Get Your Pet This Christmas


Tis’ the season to run around from store to store and overflow your cart online as you brainstorm for the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones and closest friends with. This is a special time of year where, at times, you find yourself more excited, filled with anticipation for the moment when you get to see the look on the faces of those receiving your perfect gift.

But what about your truest friend? Your companion that’s always there when you get home from a long day at the office who can make you smile in an instant and always has a listening ear.

What gift are you going to get your pet this Christmas?

Whether you have a cat, dog, guinea pig, bird, or goldfish, they deserve something special to wake up too under the tree. But where do you even begin? How do you find the time? That’s where we come in! We’ve done some shopping for you and found some awesome gifts to share with your pet that will remind them just how much you appreciate them in your life.

For all you cat owners out there, you are well aware that your kitty always wants to be with you and if possible, have your full attention. It can get a tad frustrating when you want to pass the time on your laptop or even when you have to bring work home with you and your cat wants to type on the keys along with you.

Why not get your cuddly cat a laptop of their own! Amazon now sells a cardboard scratching laptop for cats. This should entertain them long enough for you to get your tasks done without interruptions and get back to playing with your cat sooner.

If you are a bird owner and worry about the amount of time they are left in their cage throughout the day, you’ll love this gift. A Bird playground from PetSmart! This activity center now allows your bird to keep occupied and physically fit while you’re at work. It now features a ladder, swing, bell, and rope walk! With hours and hours of entertainment for both of you to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love to see their bird climb a ladder? I mean honestly, all caps CUTE!

Once you and your cat are tuckered out from your online shopping it’s the perfect time to wind down in front of the television with a glass of wine. There’s no need to leave out your pet during this activity either. Cat wine is now available! It is made with all organic beets, natural herbs, and excludes grains, corn, wheat and soy for any possible allergies. Celebrate the end of another successful day with your best friend by your side.

Another great gift you could give your pet this Christmas is a pest free home. It is difficult to know how our pets are feeling health wise. At Rove Pest Control we want to help ensure the health of both you and your pets. Let them inspect your home for pesky pests that make their way into our homes during this cold season.