I Plan to Adopt a Dog – What Should I Expect?


Adopting a dog from your local rescue shelter is an excellent thing to do – you provide a homeless pet with a loving home where she will be cared for. Adopting a dog is not the same as caring for one when it is born. Most adopted dogs come to their new homes when they are already mature and set in their ways, so you cannot treat them the same way you do pups. It is important to know what to do to help the new member of the family fit in.

Allow everyone in the family to meet the adoptee before she comes home

You may meet a dog at the animal shelter and fall in love with it, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the rest of your family will. If you want to ensure that your dog fits in well you ought to allow everyone to meet her before she comes home for the first time. This includes children and pets. If you have other dogs you can plan to have the new dog brought to the local dog park to see how she gets along with the rest of your dogs.

Prepare a proper living area for your dog before she arrives

You should set aside some room for your new dog. It should have a dog bed, dog bowls, toys and everything else that your new animal will need. Talk to the shelter to find out whether she has any specific needs that you ought to provide for. If the dog has items in the dog shelter that she particularly likes, such as a bed or a blanket they should be brought along when the dog comes home.

Get her food ready

Your dog is already mature and there are certain treats that she likes to eat. Make sure you have enough of them for the initial days. This is important for two reasons. The first is that the dog will not have to eat anything they are not used to, which may give them an upset tummy. The second reason is that if the dog gets to eat what she likes she is likely to be happier. You can gradually change their diet over time.

Don’t overwhelm your dog when she arrives

It is exciting to have a new dog in the home and you may want to spend a lot of time with her so that you can get to know her. While this is important you should also give her some time to herself – she is in a new environment which may be a bit overwhelming, and she needs to be given time to get used to it.

Find a good doggie day care center

You don’t want to leave your new dog at home by herself all day when you go to work, so you should find a dog day care center that provides the necessary care while you are away.