How to Care of your Female Boxer Dog when it’s Expecting

It’s very important to take proper care of your female boxer dog when it’s expecting. Properly keeping a smooth check for a female boxer pregnancy is highly important for a healthy breeding process. A boxer dog goes through a gestation period for about 63 days. Their bodies go through a lot of changes during this time. To keep their bodies’ clean, place of rest peaceful and a healthy food routine they are sure to have a smooth pregnancy period. Regular checkups from the veterinary clinic, a quite atmosphere and an active exercise routine will help your female boxer pregnancy to be less painful and let its body be flexible enough for a smooth delivery.

It is not easy for a boxer dog to show immediate signs that it is expecting. After a few weeks it might show various mood swings. It might either get aggressive to the owner and irritated while on the other hands they might show signs of affection and good behavior.

  • Provide Proper Parental Care

It’s important for you to get your female boxer dog vaccinated frequently. This will protect its self and the puppies and will reduce chances of diseases. Get your female boxer dog deformed from internal parasites, such as hookworms and roundworms so they might not pass from the mother to the puppies. Prevent your dog from heat worm by getting a test performed at the earliest. Make meals that have the right proportion of nutritional value for the dog. Assign treats and extra meals through the day which will help he grown healthy and have energy in the body.

  • Physical changes

Female Boxer pregnancy will shows the earliest signs of changes on the body physically. The body will be slightly bloated, with paws and face showing slightly red color tone. Slight hair fall might be seen, and this might go on for a couple of days or weeks. Keep your dog in a safe, clean environment with no noise distraction. Keep her sleep cycle in a proper routine to allow proper rest for the body. During this time do not plan field running to your dog, and help them be active with toys indoors. Indoor exercise is a great way to keep them engaged and distracted in a safe environment.

  • Drastic Weight Gain

A change in eating habits will result in more consumption of daily meals. This shall result in weight gain, less body movement and frequent demand to be fed by the owners. Around 35 percent of the weight increases in the course of time. A t the later stage when the female boxer dog nears the stage of delivering, it will be the heaviest and won’t be able to move much frequently.

  • Signs of labor time

The temperature of the female boxer dogs fluctuates when it’s nearing the delivery time. The heartbeats and movements of the puppies can be felt. The usual body temperature of the boxer of is 101 degrees Fahrenheit and as soon as the delivery time nears, it drops to 98 degrees.

Be a responsible Owner, and take proper care of your female boxer  dog post and Pre Pregnancy time to allow a healthy system for everyone.