Check Out the Tips To Gain Healthy Weight For Your Dog


Preparing your dog for the dog show is not an easy task. They have to be perfect in every aspects- weight, height, muscles, setting of teeth, due claws etc. From the inception, you need to take proper care of your dog to prepare them for the show.

Weight is a very essential feature which is checked during the show. Though most of the dog owners reports of obesity in dogs, but many a time, under weight is another problem in older age. Under weight dogs looks lean which makes them inappropriate for dog shows.

Tips to gain weight

So for your skinny dog, here are few tips which can help them to gain weight faster.

  • Foods plays the magic

Change the entire fooding schedule which can bring healthy weight for your dog. The metabolism of foods in dogs is having a concept more likely in humans. As we know taking food before bed can store fat, so apply that similar concept. Give a larger portion of quality dog food during night as it would not burn the calorie and the fat would be stored in the body. Also small frequent meals can help in gaining the weight.

  • Opt for higher protein and fat foods

If you are having a puppy then these kinds of foods are the best for them to gain weight as well as muscles. This kind of foods is a bit expensive but they are worthy. The best part of this kinds of foods is that they help in gaining weight gradually and the change can be noticed within few weeks to months

  • Alternative of dog foods

Coming to foods other than the dog food, you can also give them sweet potato and pumpkin which helps in gain weight. These two can help in boosting the weight gain as well add fiber to the body. Also they would prevent any kind of stomach irritation in the dog’s digestion process too.

  • Exercise is a part of weight gain too

This is not only for the weight loss but also for weight gain too. Check out the online or ask the professional dog trainer for exercises for weight gain. Practice those for four to five times in a week and look at the change.


Well, this procedure would surely give you lots of best wishes and congratulation of successful weight gain in your dog. Try them out now!